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Case Study – Hospitality

Blog posted on 11th February 2020

Quechua Digital Advisory drive £1,139,000 sales pipeline in 12 weeks using Facebook Ads

Their Story

This UK hospitality company, who deliver personal and corporate event management throughout the UK, required an updated digital approach to their marketing strategy.

The business has up to 50 people working across key venues and kitchens, serving thousands of unique catering experiences every year.

Their Challenge

After dabbling in online advertising, they decided to outsource their digital marketing. They needed support to make enquiries predictable and sustainable. They did not have the digital expertise in-house to manage, or scale the operation.  They needed a full online review, to support their growth ambition and 2020 business goals.

Their Goal

The objectives were simple, they wanted to build a digital infrastructure to support brand awareness and online lead generation. The key market was the South East of England advertising in the personal event space. They required strategic sales support, to ensure efficiencies, close rates and customer satisfaction improved. All three goals needed to be measured and monitored in real time.

How they found Quechua Digital Advisory?

As you would expect, via digital (in fact Facebook Ads). They contacted the team via their website, and we met face-to-face the following week. After the Initial Consultation, they were provided with a business case. This included a return on advertising spend (ROAS), Return on Investment (ROI) and Break-even Analysis. “It was a no brainer for investment”

How they describe Quechua Digital’s approach?

They were organised, insightful and passionate. They explained there 5 simple steps to success, which gave us the confidence to invest. They followed through on their promises.

Their Success

The results completely surpassed all expectations. The results speak for themselves….

  • 517,000 ads served
  • 211,000 people saw the ads
  • 1000%+ lift web traffic
  • 50+ quality leads generated
  • 5x expected leads
  • 5x expected return on investment
  • £1,139,000 sales pipeline generated

The volume of leads originally took the client by surprise, but Quechua Digital built a strategic sales support framework + automation, which enabled the client to manage the workload.

Digital Marketing Case Study - Paisley Gold - Digital Strategy, Content, Campaign Management, Facebook Ads, Strategic Sales Support.
Digital Marketing Case Study – Hospitality

Products used

  • Digital Strategy 
  • Content (design & build)
  • Facebook Ads 
  • Automation
  • Strategic Sales Support

Quechua Digital Advisory
is a Digital Marketing Agency that accelerates business growth in a digital world. We do this providing 3 key services, Digital Advertising (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads Linked In & Twitter Ads), Web & SEO plus Strategic Sales Support.

“It is not the strongest of the, species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

Charles Darwin

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by Andrew Sutcliffe

Andrew specialises in Lead Generation, Digital Marketing, as well as Sales and is ideally placed to take your business to the next level.


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