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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing is time consuming and requires every business to invest a lot of resources to succeed. Businesses that follow an inefficient way of managing their marketing tend to raise their cost of acquisition, resulting in poor profits. Quechua Digital Advisory, an advanced marketing automation agency, saves you from the hassle of powering your marketing processes with automated tools.

Marketing Automation means many different things to different people. For us, it means faster growth at a lower cost of acquisition. There are a lot of operations that have to be managed simultaneously in every business. We let our clients focus on the core operations and automate their lead management, which results in increased efficiency of their business.

We use technology to deliver communication, leads, and reports in real-time which help our clients in administering their lead generation. Our marketing automation services are all based on the latest technologies that are proven to be beneficial for businesses. Count on us and our experience of more than 20 years. Contact us now to discuss marketing automation for your business. 

How is Marketing Automation Useful for Businesses?

Traditional marketing management costs your business a lot of time, which is the most valuable asset for every business. Using inefficient ways to administer the key areas of your business, like lead generation and management, can cut huge profits for your business.

Marketing Automation is paramount to driving great Return on Investment through efficiency gains of any campaign. Choosing Marketing Automation Services means automating the repetitive tasks that improve the workflow allowing your teams to coordinate better with the clients through managed systems. Our clients estimate it takes 30 minutes to deal with a prospect without automation.

With Quechua Digital Advisory’s automation, this is reduced to 5 minutes – we’ll leave you to do the maths. Want to reduce your customer acquisition time by a huge percentage? Talk to our experts now.

How We Provide Advanced Marketing Automation Services?

Marketing Automation is complex and time-consuming but, once set up, delivers significant productivity savings.

The experts at Quechua Digital Advisory know how to make use of technology and improve the working efficiency of your business with smart Marketing Automation Services. 

Key components of our Marketing Automation include –

  1. Work out your automation goals and objectives
  2. Understand the client journey end to end
  3. Understand the internal client journey end to end
  4. Build internal and client communications for your people and prospects
  5. Understand the technology you wish deliver the communications (Webforms, SMS, Email What’s App etc)
  6. Integrate the technologies together to make the internal and client journeys seamless
  7. Test, Test, Test to ensure an outstanding experience for all

Why Are We Called the Experts of Marketing Automation?

Quechua Digital Advisory is a renowned Marketing Automation Company in London. We integrate businesses with smart automation tools and help them interact better with their customers through efficient lead management and nurturing.

Our experts analyse and interpret your business first and then move on to automating the workflow of your business. Users these days want quicker responses and a personalised experience. Our market automation services are the same., We use suitable technologies that can be customised to ensure the optimum efficiency of your business.

We enable REAL TIME communications with your prospects and internal stakeholders, delivering an outstanding online experience. Our tried and tested marketing automation system integrates all the communications for the internal and client journeys. All you need to do is sign off the communications plans, and we will do the rest. No need to employ expensive Automation Consultants, learn new technologies and then wrestle with integration software. We have you covered. 

Our experts use only the tried and trusted marketing automation systems so you can focus on lead qualification. Improve your workflow and increase revenue generation with the best Marketing Automation Company, Quechua Digital Advisory.

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Our Digital Marketing Services

A full suite of digital marketing services

We offer expertise in a full suite of digital marketing services to deliver new business outcomes – new clients, new revenues and new profit. We may use one or all of our services to deliver the growth targets you wish to achieve.



Financial Advisory Firm - London Managing Director

Seamless Service despite us being very demanding - all changes were implemented swiftly and efficiently.

The Legal 500- Tier 1 Law Firm Partner

The weekly meetings are really helpful. All campaign optimisation is made very quickly and enables us to stay on top of the lead close rates.

Tier 3 Legal 500 Law Firm Partner

The Client Management is outstanding, as it provides structure, results and first class accountability of our Fee Earners

Hospitality Firm Founder and Managing Director

Delivered over £1,000,000 in pipeline in the first 8 months of business - outstanding results and just what our business needed

Recruitment Firm Managing Director

Highly targeted, highly skilled and deliver on their promises. The QDA team know what they are doing and keep us informed every step of the way.

Why Choose Quechua Digital Advisory?

What makes us different

Digital can be complicated and costly. However, using the right strategy, guidance and approach……. we will help you and your business REACH, ENGAGE and WIN new online clients quickly and profitably.

We Are Business Case Led

We care about what you do, new clients, new revenues, & new profit, that's why we provide a full business case to demonstrate your Return On Investment (ROI)

We Are Channel Agnostic

We connect with your online prospects where they are, whether this be on; Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. We support all social media and search engine platforms.

Deliver Marketing Automation

Simplicity and efficiency is key to our solution. We automate all manual processes, so you can concentrate doing what you do best - winning new business.

Provide an Elite Sales Process

Delivering leads is only 50% of the process - with our elite sales process we will double your closing ratio thought our training programme.

We Use Proven Technology

Our reports and processes are delivered on everyday technologies. There is nothing new to learn, you just need to speak with prospects.

Exceptional Client Management

Winning is about measurement & accountability - our Client Managers will support you with both, delivering outstanding results.

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Jo has worked in advertising for the majority of her career with brands such as Emap & Natmags  before taking a career break to bring up her family. Since joining the business the Jo continues to deliver first class online advertising and Client Management across all PPC channels and Social Media.

Jo key focus is to drive client satisfaction and results for all clients, as well as, providing Sales Consultancy utilising key tools and methodologies.





Dale has worked in PPC Marketing since 2013. Accredited by Google Partners he has delivered significant growth for businesses across multiple sectors, specialising in professional services including Finance, Legal, Architecture and Trade sectors for the last 12 years.

Dale’s focus is performance marketing across Google Ads and its relevant channels with business results the key metrics he is measured on.

Harsh Choubey


Harsh has graduated with MBNA in Computer Science from the University of Bangalore. He has worked in IT and the IT Services for the last 15 years and responsible for all things technical.

Whether programming, completing software development, coding or e-commerce, Harsh and his team are able to design, build, deliver or resolve your technical needs.





Sam has worked in digital marketing for the last 10 years, honing his skills in web development & SEO before adding social & conversion rate optimisation to his repertoire. Sam is obsessed with numbers and consistently delivers outstanding rates of return.

Sam’s expertise is primarily based in online optimisation of landing pages and other digital assets to enable quality leads that our clients can close. 


Kwarme Lestrade

Content Design/Production and Publishing

Kwame Lestrade is a film-maker, photographer and creative director for the last decade. He brings over 12 years experience producing and directing engaging videos, brand promos with clients including BBC, Tommy Hilfiger, Hampton Court Palace, Calvin Klein, United Arab Emirates as well as countless SME’s.

​In his ’spare’ time, he’s also an award-winning film director, camping enthusiast, husband and father of three. “Too much of a good thing can be truly wonderful”


Ian Sutcliffe

Strategic Growth Planning, Performance Coach, Non Exec Directorships

With almost 30 years’ business and coaching experience in the professional services sector, Ian has held senior leadership roles with responsibility for sales, operations and client relationships. Ian is co-founder of his own advisory business and a Prince’s Trust Mentor.

Specialising in strategic planning, business growth strategy, performance transformation, leadership coaching and mentoring, Ian can help you and your business excel in the markets in which you operate.


Diana Crabtree

Content Design/Production and Publishing

Diana’s 30-year career has included senior management positions within global organisations, such as Aramark, Lyreco, Nestle and Hutchsison Whampoa, as well as roles in UK organisations such as Goss Interactive. Diana’s areas of specialism include business management, growth, web development & search engine optimisation (SEO).

Diana’s role is to bring to life Brands through Website Design and Development plus delivering Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), that deliver tangible results.

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Rob McBride

Digital Audit, Website Design, Branding & Packaging

Rob Specialises in design and branding through to print, distribution and all aspects of digital media; his role truly captures the essence of your marketing aspirations and delivers them in a consistent and professional manner.

Rob’s aim is to target, surprise, motivate and inspire clients and more importantly their clients. With any one or a combination of their services, his guarantee is that every campaign undertaken, will be delivered with expertise and a friendly approachable manner.

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